Netizen saddened by newly moved in tenant parking bikes in common areas of HDB Rivervale Drive, says it’s not an extension of rented/owned unit

A concerned resident, Aam May Anader, posted on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore about her dismay on common areas being used for personal reasons, like these parked bicycles.

Ms Anader stated that she feels sad about such things…

“I don’t usually post anything like this but I feel sad seeing this at blk 123B Rivervale Drive. The common area become an extension of the rented unit.”

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Why won’t my town council do anything to stop people feeding birds?

Dear Editor,

I am writing in as a resident of Toa Payoh Block 86. I have previously given feedback to my town council and NParks quite a few times regarding a bird infestation problem caused by people feeding the birds illegally but it seems that no actions were taken to resolve the problem. There has been a huge gathering of pigeons, mynahs, and crows in the area between noon and 5 pm daily. This has caused an issue of noise by the mynahs and bird shit stains everywhere on the floor and window ledges.

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‘Vixen, steal someone’s husband, go and die’ says woman who suspects husband of adultery

A woman drove into a condominium in Sembawang by tailgating another car, then vandalised the gate, door and walls of a unit that was home to a woman she suspected of being her husband’s lover.

And then she left a note in Chinese for the younger woman, which read:  “Vixen, steal someone’s husband, go and die.”

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All they did was remind him to wear his mask and he reacted badly

A forklift driver lost his temper when he was reminded to put on a mask, by two safe distancing ambassadors.

They were at Bukit Merah View Market and Hawker Centre on Feb 20, last year, when they saw Muhammad Zaid Ariffin, 39, at around 9am and noticed he was not wearing a mask.

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