To warn the public, Rajes Vasanth shared her bad experience on Facebook group Complaint Singapore about the “abusive behaviour” of one “lady boss”, who was also the owner of Best Coffee Pte Ltd.

Ms Vasanth together with her two kids who were 5 and 10 years of age were walking towards the coffeeshop at Blk 959 Jurong West St 92 to buy lunch at another shop when “a lady suddenly came out from the drink stall and started shouting” at her kids for having a kick scooter with them.

Despite Ms Vasanth’s effort to stop the lady from shouting at her kids, the lady kept on shouting and showed them the poster pasted on the wall to say that scooters are not allowed.

Ms Vasanth said, “There was another customer who stepped in and defended my kids saying that they were not riding the scooters.” But the lady started shouting at the customer as well and said that she was the owner of the coffee shop, and so she has the rights to state her rules. The customer then told her that she was being very rude and that she needed to stop shouting at people.

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Ms Vasanth then decided to walk away for the safety of her kids and had lunch at a chicken rice shop nearby, where she asked if the lady who shouted at them was the owner. She was told, “Yes, she is always like that shouting at people and they can’t do anything about her as she is the lady boss.”

“I feel that this is unacceptable. My children have been traumatized by this random woman who suddenly shouted at them for following rules as not to ride scooters when there are people,” Ms Vasanth said.

Ms Vasanth also found other online reviews regarding the ‘lady boss’. Netizens comforted Ms Vasanth and expressed how aggravated they were about the incident as well.

Photo; Google screengrab/Best Coffee Pte Ltd
Photo; Google screengrab/Best Coffee Pte Ltd
Photo; Google screengrab/Best Coffee Pte Ltd