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Stories you might’ve missed, July 11

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Lee Hsien Yang: Lee Suet Fern wishes she could have been with her father in his last moments


Photos: YT screencapture, Lee Hsien Yang FB

SINGAPORE: Lee Hsien Yang said yesterday evening (10 July) that his family wishes they could have said goodbye to his father-in-law, eminent economist Lim Chong Yah, before he passed away on Saturday (8 July).

Mr Lee is the youngest son of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the younger brother of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. He has left Singapore and lives in an undisclosed location in Europe with his wife, senior lawyer Lee Suet Fern, while his longstanding feud with his estranged older brother rages on.

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Tan Chuan-Jin apologises for calling Jamus Lim a “f**king populist” in Parliament


YT screencaptures

SINGAPORE: Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin has apologised for “unparliamentary language” after netizens scrutinising the recording of a parliamentary sitting that took place close to three months ago, alleging he uttered an expletive directed at Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim.

As Assoc Prof Lim ended his speech, Mr Tan invited People’s Action Party (PAP) MP Vikram Nair to take the mic. However, just before Mr Nair began his remarks, some netizens listening closely to the proceedings claimed to have heard Speaker Tan mutter what sounded like “f**king populist” under his breath, seemingly referring to Assoc Prof Lim.

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“Our country (Singapore) is seriously overpopulated & expensive” — Netizen shares family’s first experience at Marina Bay Sands food court


Image: FB / Umbrage Singapore / Tan Joe

SINGAPORE: An online user recently shared his family’s first experience at Marina Bay Sands food court, which led him to a realisation about Singapore.

A Facebook user took to the online group Umbrage Singapore on Sunday (July 9) to share his and his family’s first time at a particular food court in Singapore. “First time going to MBS (Marina Bay Sands) food court with family,” the post read. The netizen then shared how he and his family had a hard time finding a space to sit down and have a meal. “(We tried) to get a seat at the food court, but (couldn’t) even get a seat for a proper meal due to overflux by foreigners. (We waited) 45 mins to get seats and ended up paying (for) this Hokkien (meal) for $12.50.”

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KF Seetoh: Now that Tharman has stepped down, Jurong voters must be allowed to vote


Photo: Youtube screengrab / MCI Singapore

SINGAPORE: In a Facebook post on Monday (July 10), KF Seetoh asked why a by-election has not been called at Jurong GRC now that Tharman Shanmugaratnam has stepped down.

On June 8, the Senior Minister announced that he would resign from all his political roles to contest the upcoming Presidential Election, which must be held by Sept 13.

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“His total annual comps is not even 6 digits” — Singaporeans weigh in whether teachers are underappreciated in Singapore


Photo: FB screengrab/MOE/used for illustration purposes only

SINGAPORE: An online user recently took to social media on Sunday (July 9) to share a cousin’s alleged experience as a teacher and then proceeded to ask Singaporeans if they think teachers are underappreciated in Singapore. The post caught the attention of a handful of netizens, who took part in the conversation.

“Teachers – An underappreciated profession in Singapore?” the post was titled on Reddit Singapore.

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