Christopher de souza

On Tuesday night (Dec 6), the news broke out that Christopher de Souza, Member of Parliament for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, was found guilty of professional misconduct by a disciplinary tribunal. The MP is also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The charge against Mr de Souza, a lawyer by profession, was related to dealings with his clients, Amber Compounding Pharmacy and Amber Laboratories. It was determined by the tribunal that the MP had failed to make “a full and frank disclosure to the court when he was aware that his client had breached the conditions of a search order,” reported The Straits Times on Tuesday.

Four of the five charges brought against him were dismissed.

In later news, the ruling People’s Action Party told CNA that the MP informed the party that he denies any wrongdoing. “He will argue his case on the one charge, on appeal before the Court of Three Judges,” PAP said, adding “We will await the verdict of the Court of Three Judges, and determine the course of action necessary after the verdict.”

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Reactions from netizens to the news concerning Mr Christopher de Souza have been mixed, with some expressing support for the MP.

Some netizens have expressed faith in Singapore’s courts.

Others said that the PAP is right in waiting for the verdict on the MP’s appeal.

One netizen, however, wrote, “He is also Deputy Speaker of parliament. Good Lord ! ! What was he even thinking?”

Another wrote that Mr de Souza “should step down as mp since his integrity is being questioned.”

“Very shady & questionable conduct,” wrote another.


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