Home News Some readers fall for Mufti's decree that durian is haram

Some readers fall for Mufti's decree that durian is haram

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Mufti News, a satirical website which focuses mainly on issues which affect the Muslim community worldwide, has trained its eyes on the news that some Muslims in Singapore are upset with a mall in Singapore for organsing a durian fest during fasting month. (link: https://theindependent.sg.sg/some-muslims-upset-with-big-box-for-organsing-durian-fest-during-fasting-month/)
In a report titled, ‘Grand Mufti declares durian haram’ it said that Grand Mufti Al Tair Ibn La Ahad, a fictional character, “called for an emergency meeting with the Muftis to discuss this shameful act carried out by Muslims in Singapore, where he said, “All of this bickering over a stupid fruit? I worry for the deen of these Malay Muslims where they squabble over not being able to eat a fruit during the holy month of Ramadan when they’re supposed to overcome temptation, Yallah they’re making the Ummah look bad!”
“I heard it’s not even a good fruit and it stinks to high Jannah. My fellow Muftis, I think it is time we passed a fatwa declaring the durian to be haram for Muslims as are alcohol and pork,” ‘he’ added.
It further ‘reported’:
“Religious Council of Islam Singapore (MUIS) has acknowledged that they’ve received the fatwa and informed Mufti News that they will be spreading the information across the small Island Nation. Along with JAKIM, the Malaysian counterpart, will be ensuring that no Muslims from 20th of June 2016 onwards will consume the haram fruit known as the durian.
“We expect the motion to make the durian haram, to go on smoothly in Singapore as Singaporeans are used to having things they like banned by the government, like chewing gum”, Mel Ayub Oleh, a MUIS representative informs us.”
Some of its readers however, failed to realise that the article was not true, but was only satire.
Facebook user Syahmie Fayyadh Jaafar from Malaysia said: “Astaghfirullah. How can you declare God’s tasty creation to be haram? What do you think they are? Women? Homosexuals?”
Facebook user Kang See Hong sharing the news expressed surprise. “Huh? Durian pun haram? (huh? Durian is haram?)
FD Faizal another Facebook user sharing the news said: “Seriously i don’t know whether this is true or not. Cmon lah orang lain nak ada durian buffet tu diorang punya pasal lah. Bukannya durian tu lari. Come on, if other people want to have durian buffet it is their problem. Durians won’t run away.) Anyways a durian seller i spoke to, said that the quality of the durians now is not very good because of the ever changing weather. After Ramadhan, is the peak of the durian season where the Durians will be of higher quality. Sabar lah. Tak makan durian tak mati lah. (Relax, you won’t die if you don’t eat durians.)”
Ben Lks from Kuching, Sarawak was upset with the ‘Mufti’.
1In their ‘About’ page Mufti news describes themselves as such:
“Mufti News is your most trustworthy source of news in the Islamic world!
100% Halal, 100% True and 100% Just for you!
Bringing you the freshest, most permissible news in the world of Islam!
Mufti News is first and foremost Shania – compliant, and wholly independent.
All articles have been fact-checked and halal-ized by our resident Scholars; Mufti Mat Solo, Mufti Mat Bro, Mufti Zakar Naik, Mufti Al Kouya, and Mufti Shaikh Abu Du’aba – to guide you to the purest path to the Deen.
The editorial position of Mufti News is in no way controlled nor affiliated with any political, irreligious or satanic will.
We slave to bring you the fastest Over The Air Updates from the religion of the One True God.
AMEEN YARABBAL ALAMEEN!”Follow us on Social Media

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