Patriotism is one of the fundamental parts for most people of the world. A few decades ago, it was seen as important to be a patriotic American. However, in recent years, it seems that many are no longer interested in being proud of their country. This is also reflected in some celebrities like LeBron James. 

According to Fox News, Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James drew criticism for his entrance into the Galen Center to watch his son’s first collegiate game after his summer cardiac arrest. A video posted by reporter Luca Evans depicted James walking in with his younger son and teammates while the national anthem played, initially sitting and leaving his hat on, a custom during the anthem. He stood later in the video.

Critics accused him of showing “zero respect” and anti-American sentiments. However, Evans defended the situation, highlighting that James had followed this routine for years to avoid causing disruption during games. 

LeBron James not sitting down during American national anthem

Furthermore, a number of social media users are showing their unhappiness towards LeBron’s reaction. An X user claims that America has done nothing for him, this is despite giving him the opportunity to make money and own multiple luxurious properties across the country. For obvious reasons, the user was being sarcastic. 

Despite his immense wealth and being a world famous sportsman, some feel that he should stand up during the national anthem. However, at the end of the day, he made his decision to do what he did. 

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