Singtel and Viettel signs MOU of Vietnam-Singapore cable system (VTS)

SINGAPORE: Singtel and Viettel Solutions signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to plan and develop the Vietnam-Singapore Cable System (VTS), a submarine cable directly linking Vietnam and Singapore.

Singapore Business Review reports that the key part of this agreement is the plan to build the VTS cable using advanced wavelength division multiplexing technology.

This cable will be the first and most advanced made by Viettel from Vietnam and Singtel from Singapore. It will also be the shortest cable connecting two countries.

Vietnam-Singapore cable system (VTS) Map
Photo: Screengrab from Viettel

The VTS will be a big deal for Viettel’s international connections when it’s up and running. It will be superfast, boosting capacity by hundreds of terabits per second.

Plus, it will make the network stronger and more secure while opening up new southern routes.

Logistics-wise, the VTS won’t just connect Vietnam and Singapore directly. It will also have main stations in both countries, managed by Viettel and Singtel.

And it’s not stopping there; it plans to extend branch landing stations in Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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According to the released media from Viettel, Mr Ooi Seng Keat, vice president of digital infrastructure and services at Singtel, said:

“Vietnam is one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world in Southeast Asia, with businesses and consumers applying new technologies such as artificial intelligence and data-intensive applications.

The construction of the VTS cable route will meet the growing demand for higher bandwidth and lower latency connections. We look forward to working with Viettel to support the economic and digital growth ambitions of Vietnam and the region.”

Mr Nguyen Manh Ho, general director of Viettel Solutions, said:

“With the investment of the VTS cable line, Viettel affirms to be a pioneer accompanying the Government in building and developing digital infrastructure in Vietnam, promoting comprehensive digital transformation, meeting the needs of high-speed data transmission, applying 4.0 technologies effectively and ensuring national communication security.”/TISG

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