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Singapore’s youngest MP is gifted a cake to mark her first Meet-the-People Session

"It really feels like we’re building a #compassionatecompassvale community," said Ms Khan thanking the volunteers for the cake




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Singapore’s youngest Member of Parliament, , was gifted a cake among other goodies to mark her very first Meet-the-People Session (MPS), on Friday (11 Sept).

Ms Khan, the daughter of ex-presidential hopeful Farid Khan, was among the new faces fielded by the Workers’ Party () at Sengkang GRC in the 2020 general election that took place in July. In a historic upset, the young WP team defeated a formidable ruling party team that included three prominent political office-holders and won the multi-member ward.

The win at Sengkang GRC was especially momentous for 26-year-old Ms Khan, who became the youngest member to become an MP in Singapore’s history as an independent nation. Ms Khan also became the very first minority-race female opposition MP in Parliament.

The young mother, who is expecting her second child, is in charge of the Compassvale division of Sengkang GRC. Last week, she held her very first MPS and was surprised by the generosity of her volunteers and residents who gifted her with a cake and other treats to celebrate her first MPS.

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Sharing photos from the evening, Ms Khan reflected that her MPS was especially important to her as it reminded her of how she started out at the WP as a case writer for Aljunied GRC MP and WP chief . She wrote:

“I started my journey with the WP as a case writer for  at Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS). Holding my first MPS as a MP last Wednesday was special, but the aim remains the same – to do what we can as a team to assist residents.”

Revealing that the residents she saw at her MPS included low-income families and the elderly poor, Ms Khan asserted that her aim in politics is to help address the divides that exist in Singapore. Highlighting the need for Singapore to do better in uplifting the disadvantaged, she said:

“Our bigger aim beyond MPS is to help address the divides which exist in Singapore, a snapshot of which I saw last night. Families earning less than $2000 a month. Elderly Singaporeans who find it tough to afford taking the bus. We need to do better.”

Ms Khan ended her post by thanking her volunteers. Sharing that the goodies she received makes her feel that they are all building a compassionate Compassvale community, the young politician wrote:

“Thank you to the Compassvale volunteers who made our first MPS possible yesterday. Whether you’re stacking chairs, writing notes on cases or issuing queue numbers, everyone has a part to play.

“The volunteers surprised me with a cake and residents dropped by more goodies! It really feels like we’re building a #compassionatecompassvale community.”

I started my journey with the WP as a case writer for Pritam Singh at Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS). Holding my first…

Posted by Raeesah Khan on Thursday, 10 September 2020

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