SINGAPORE: Singapore’s job market is undergoing dynamic shifts, with certain sectors experiencing significant growth while others face a decline.

According to recent data from job search platform Indeed, Singapore’s top job sector is childcare, witnessing a 20% surge in job postings, as the Singapore Business Review reports.

Thriving job sectors in Singapore

Additionally, sectors like security and public safety, hospitality and tourism experienced substantial growth, with job postings rising by 16% and 14.5%, respectively.

Conversely, some sectors faced setbacks in 2023, with dentistry, media and communications, and arts and entertainment witnessing declines of 39%, 37%, and 37%, respectively.

Despite these challenges, Singapore remains a hub for white-collar job opportunities, particularly in engineering, finance, and technology.

Indeed‘s report highlights that Singapore outpaces other Asian economies in creating such opportunities.

In Singapore, job creation tends to be more concentrated in software development, management and scientific research than in other Asian economies, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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While software development job postings saw a slight decline in 2023, Singapore’s share in this category still stands at 10%, compared to just 6% in other Asian countries.

Noteworthy roles within the tech sector over the past four years include back-end developers, data engineers, and cloud engineers, underscoring Singapore’s position as a technology hub.

In addition, jobs related to artificial intelligence (AI) are on the rise in Singapore, with 7% of job postings mentioning AI in their descriptions. Notably, generative AI features in 0.3% of job postings.

In 2023, Singapore saw a considerable drop in job postings, plummeting by 92% to the previous year. This decline brought the postings 25% below their peak in October 2022.

However, despite this downturn, Indeed highlights that Singapore maintains a positive outlook, with job postings remaining above pre-pandemic levels across various occupational categories. Impressively, over a quarter of sectors (26%) boast double the pre-pandemic posting levels.

Indeed predicts that this number will continue to rise, surpassing figures in other markets such as the US and the United Kingdom. /TISG

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