SINGAPORE: Some Singaporeans online have expressed a desire to see former Workers’ Party (WP) politician Leon Perera rejoin politics and contest the next general election, a year after he resigned from the party due to a personal indiscretion.

The calls for Mr Perera to make a comeback in the political sphere come on the heels of his latest Facebook post, in which he reflected on his recent trip to the UK. In the post, he discussed the value of celebrating wins while remembering one’s setbacks.

Asserting the importance of standing up for the right values and making sure one’s work serves everyone, Mr Perera also said that one must “own your scars and never forget the setbacks that made you stronger.”

Pointing out that one must “keep adapting and improving as times change,” as well, he added: “Here’s to building on the past to make things better.”

While Mr Perera’s post framed these takeaways in the context of the Old Trafford Museum in the UK, some observers online are speculating that the reminders he voiced could be a veiled indication that he could be prepared to step into the political fray once again.

Others, meanwhile, are directly appealing to the ex-MP on social media to rejoin politics. One Facebook user, K Collins, urged Mr Perera to contest a single-member constituency in the looming election. He added that Singaporeans, especially younger voters, “won’t reject your talents” if he throws his hat into the ring once again.

Another commenter, Sastos Sal, added, “Come back and fight them. You will always get the support needed,” while Facebook user Patrick Ng urged Mr Perera to “help beat PAP at the ballot box.”

Some Singaporeans called on him to stand as an independent candidate at the upcoming polls while others urged him to join an opposition that aligns with his values.

Some pointed to the “outstanding work” Mr Perera has done in standing up for Singaporeans over the past decade, first as a non-constituency member of parliament and then an elected MP. Others asserted that they find Mr Perera to be “much more honest than most other politicians,” with his heart in the right place.

Last year, when he accepted Mr Perera’s resignation in July 2023, WP chief Pritam Singh called the former a “committed and dedicated MP, advocating in the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans.” He added that his resignation represents the “loss of a steadfast opposition voice” as he urged Mr Perera to come back from the controversy stronger.


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