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SINGAPORE: Are demands for a car grounds for a breakup? Facebook user Tarem Chi took to the Complaint Singapore group on Thursday (Feb 1) to share, “Girlfriend wants a Mercedes GLB for birthday” and asked netizens if this means he should break up with his girl.

The starting price of the GLB, which can hold up to seven seats and has up to 1,800 litres of luggage capacity is a hefty S$249,888.

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In response to the post, a handful of online users joked that Mr Chi should buy his girlfriend a miniature toy car version instead. “Did she ask for a real car or a toy car? It’s pretty ambiguous,” one said.

Another joked, “You’re lucky it’s a GLB… not a GCB (Good Class Bungalow). Think on the bright side! It’s so much cheaper comparatively.”

“She’s helping u save (money),” wrote a third, “Usually people ask for a Porsche.”

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Still, others answered Mr Chi’s question and urged him to break things off. “(You) cannot afford her,” said one, “must give up la.”

Another was more direct, saying, “Forget about this woman. She’s too materialistic. Now, she wants a Mercedes. Next, she’ll demand for a bungalow house. Dump her.”

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According to an article by The List, though expensive gifts may seem like an extravagant show of love, they can also be problematic in a relationship. For example, grand gestures and luxurious gifts can actually be red flags when they are used as a form of control. Love bombing is when someone pours out attention and affection on another as a way to manipulate them.

So, though there is nothing wrong with giving or asking for a costly gift, when there is manipulation and control involved, then that could be a sign of “user” behaviour.

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Since relationships go two ways, both parties must communicate openly and freely with one another. Whether it’s not being able to afford an expensive gift or really wanting something that costs a lot of money, couples can work through such things instead of allowing them to be grounds for a breakup.

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