SINGAPORE: In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, a woman complained that her son’s teacher hit him on the hand with a comb. She wrote that she was stressed because of her child’s reaction and asked netizens for advice. 

The woman said that her son did not want to go to school all of a sudden and cried, saying that the teacher had hit his hand. When the woman asked the teacher what had happened, the teacher denied any such incident took place. 

The woman added: “the principal gaslighted me telling me “Why ur son always sleepy in class? Why never allow early bedtime?”I told the principal back “Please don’t try to gaslight me here, you haven’t answer my question as to why your Teacher is hitting my son with a comb? And now my daughter fears going to school nowadays.””.

She felt that the principal could be covering up for the teacher and wanted to know if she should pursue the matter. 

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She said that her son kept begging her not to send him to school, and added that it was rather stressful for her as he was an obedient child. “ I get the low pay but no excuse to hit my child till my son is literally crying and begging not to send him to school!” she wrote. 

Here’s what netizens who commented on the post said:


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