SINGAPORE: Singaporean redditors were shocked after a man in his late 40s posted on r/SingaporeRaw and stated that he wanted to marry and have a child with a girl who’s around 18 to 20 years old.

“I am looking for a girl in 18-20 yrs old as I want to leave something for a legacy,” the man wrote on Friday (Jan 2). “Those similar age as me find it difficult to bear children. Is there any chance I can get a poly or uni student and settle down?”

In the post, the man also shared that, as he has been working hard, he ended up neglecting dating in his prime years, and now he’s having trouble getting someone “suitable for childbirth.”

He then asked his fellow redditors if there were any services in the country that could give him a child via artificial methods, such as surrogacy.

For context, the man also gave a bit of background about himself, writing, “My income is 5 figures monthly and I have a house 3 room HDB. Also I have a car and have enough savings to support children and a family. Physically I am fit for my age. Lean and quite fit with some abs I have been maintaining.”

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SG Redditors: ‘Why does it have to range 18-20?’

Many Singaporeans voiced their disapproval of the man’s intentions and questioned why the girl needed to be so young in the comments section.

One redditor wrote, “Why does it have to range 18-20…You know women can have children naturally without age complications till around 35. If it is purely based on child bearing you can expand your age range by a lot. If you like the idea of having a barely legal wife that’s a different story.”

While another one wrote, “The girl can be your daughter. The age gap is too wide unless you are really young at heart and the girl is really mature.”

One redditor also gave him a warning, saying, “Based on your profile, you will probably be able to land an 18 year old chick. But she’s gonna marry you for your money, so whether your marriage will last long is uncertain. Are you sure you want to take that risk?”

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Another Redditor, meanwhile, advised him to try courting the 17-year-old Vietnamese girl who was recently looking for a husband. 

In December 2023, B & G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency made headlines when they posted a photo of a young Vietnamese woman looking for a Singaporean partner who makes at least S$4,800.00 per month. Numerous individuals, including this man, objected to the wage requirement:

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