Two Asian women working together in front of a computer.

SINGAPORE: Singapore has emerged as the leader in the women-led startup ecosystem within Southeast Asia, boasting significant achievements both regionally and globally.

According to a recent report by Traxcn, Singapore ranks 7th in the world in terms of funding raised by women-led startups, solidifying its position as a prominent hub for entrepreneurial ventures led by women.

Globally, Singapore has secured the 7th position in terms of the total funding raised by women-led startups, underscoring the city-state’s growing prominence on the international startup stage.

Traxcn’s findings highlight Singapore’s success in attracting substantial investment capital for women-led ventures, a testament to the vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem fostered within the country.

Within Southeast Asia, Singapore stands out as the frontrunner in terms of the sheer number of startups established by women entrepreneurs.

The city-state boasts an impressive tally of 936 startups led by women, surpassing other major regional hubs such as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Metro Manila by a significant margin.

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This proliferation of women-led startups showcases Singapore’s role as a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship, where female founders are actively contributing to the vibrant startup ecosystem.

Singapore also leads the pack in terms of the total amount of funding secured by women-led startups in Southeast Asia.

With a staggering $3 billion raised across 380 rounds, Singapore’s female-led ventures have successfully attracted substantial investment capital, further solidifying the city-state’s position as a premier destination for startup investment in the region.

While Singapore takes the lead, other cities within Southeast Asia have also made notable strides in supporting women-led startups.

Jakarta, for instance, has secured $935.9 million in funding from 106 rounds, demonstrating the growing momentum of female entrepreneurship in the Indonesian capital.

Similarly, Cyberjaya has emerged as a burgeoning hub for women-led startups, with $86.3 million raised across 10 rounds, indicating the diversification of Southeast Asia’s startup landscape beyond traditional metropolitan centers.

The rise of women-led startups in Singapore and across Southeast Asia reflects a broader trend towards gender diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem.

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With Singapore leading the charge, the future looks promising for women-led startups in Southeast Asia, poised to make even greater strides in innovation, investment, and impact on the global stage.

As the region continues to evolve as a hub for entrepreneurship, nurturing and empowering women founders will be essential for fostering a more inclusive, dynamic, and prosperous startup ecosystem for all.