SINGAPORE: In an interview with YouTube personality Mr Max Chernov, Dr Brian James Tracey said, “I really feel Singapore is an incredible land of opportunity. It actually provides an Asian equivalent of the original American dream.”

He was nearly all praises for the land he has called home for 26 years, saying that the “so-called draconian laws” don’t bother him and praising Singaporean authorities for the daily order and efficiency he encounters.

“You’re allowed to pursue your livelihood in absolute freedom in Singapore and that’s something that’s not brought up in the international media a lot,” he told Mr Chernow.

Mr Chernow published his interview with Dr Tracey, who started with a private practice in podiatric sports and military medicine and now runs a medical diagnostics company.

It has since been viewed over 171,000 times and has positive, glowing comments from those who believe Dr Tracey has a deep understanding of Singapore and is the kind of foreign talent that should be welcomed in the country.

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When asked if he goes to Canada often, Dr Tracey answered flatly:

“No, because Canada is lawless right now. Singapore has got a straight clear message: ‘Don’t mess around’ and you don’t and you grow to respect the authorities. I have nothing but respect when I see a police officer.

I’m not afraid of them in this country. I will go up to them and I’ll ask them a question. And the government is probably one of the most efficient governments in the world.”

While he also praised the public transport system as perfect, meaning both inexpensive and efficient, he pointed out that housing is pricey, which the government will need to address, along with other high living costs.

Dr Tracey lives in an HDB flat, telling Mr Chernow that he shares it with a doctor from overseas, with whom he is helping to adjust to life in Singapore.

However, Singapore’s safety is something that he values highly.

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“You’re never gonna have anyone come up to Singapore and accost you or look to combat to you. There are no drugged individuals ranting on the streets. It’s really an optimal society that way.”

The contrast is perhaps particularly glaring to Dr Tracey because the last time he went home to Canada for his 50th birthday, he was accosted by a group of young men who pulled a knife on him and asked him to give them $50.

“Wow, I haven’t been in Canada in years and this is my welcome?” he told them.

Dr Tracey ended up giving them $100, but he also “gave them the Dad lecture that they never got,” talking to them for some minutes about their lives and making something of themselves.

Dr Tracey, who speaks several languages, is a Permanent Resident in Singapore and still retains his Canadian citizenship.

He joked that with six children and six grandchildren, he could not afford to send his offspring to international schools in Singapore.

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The interview ends with Dr Tracey praising Singapore’s mandatory military service, which, had he been under 40 when he got his PR status, he would have needed to serve as well.

“I believe it should be for both men and women. I believe that no matter your profession, I don’t care how much money you make; you must be of service.

If you do that, you can have a good conscience. You can make good money and use that to be socially responsible.” /TISG

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