SINGAPORE: When a large group of otters found themselves needing to cross Orchard Road, it was a police officer who took charge and made sure they got to safety.

The officer’s kind deed was caught on camera, with a video posted on TikTok on Sunday (Sept 17) reaching almost 350,000 views.


Singapore police assisting otters 🦦 in crossing the road orderly 🦦🐾👏👏👏👍#ottersoftiktok #sgtiktok #sgnews #sglifestyle #discipline #singaporeanimal

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At the start of the clip, the otters, which numbered around 20, are seen on a pavement, slipping underneath a barrier to get onto the road amid traffic going by.

The otters, which are of different sizes, watch the cars whizz by but seem hesitant to go forward.

A police officer in a blue uniform is then seen walking briskly beside them, clapping his hands, perhaps to get their attention.

He points to cars on the leftmost side of the road, signalling them to stop.

The cars on the other lanes stop as well, allowing the otters to scurry quickly and get to the other side.

Onlookers can be heard exclaiming in amazement.

Many netizens were charmed by the sight of the otters, with some saying that even these small creatures learn to abide by traffic rules in Singapore.

“SG otter also know how to report police for help,” wrote one.

“Of course, everyone become(s) a law-abiding citizen in SG lol,” chimed in another.

“LTA should place an otter crossing sign along this road stretch,” suggested a commenter.

Others agreed since this is not the first time this has happened.

“RMB (remember) to look left right and left again, Otters! (or was it right left and right again,” a netizen wrote.

Some wondered if the otters were on their way to watch the Singapore Grand Prix.

A number of commenters commended the police officer for helping the otters.


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