SINGAPORE: An unhappy customer took to the Complaint Singapore group on Tuesday (Jan 23) to share her shock over an order of fries from a fast food establishment. The woman claimed that despite paying S$4.60 for large fries, she only received a serving that she described as “only half.”

Though the woman called it a scam, could this be a manifestation of shrinkflation? This does not seem to be the first time that this particular fast-food chain has received this kind of complaint as others on social media shared that they too have experienced the same thing.

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“I didn’t eat a single (fry) before photo taking,” wrote online user Kelly Ng Chen. “Brought it home then realised it is only half of it, so pathetic and paid $4.60 for one large fries.”

Ms Chen also took the liberty to share a link to a review that another customer left eight months ago, complaining about the same issue. The review, left by an individual named Vernon Khaw, read, “I ordered large fries in 2 separate occasions and only received medium portion, apparently it’s also happening to other customers.”

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Image: Google Maps reviews / Vernon Khaw
Image: Google Maps reviews / Vernon Khaw

Online users back the claim 

Aside from this, a handful of others responded to Ms Chen’s post, sharing similar experiences at the same fast food chain branch.

“This is what I’m talking about,” wrote one. “Exactly. It happened to me so many times so when I ordered a take away or dine in, take the fries and slightly shake down and all the fries will fall downwards in the packet. So if the fries (are) less, you can ask the manager or the staff for more fries. This is what I normally do. This is not fair for us who paid for large fries and we get small fries or medium fries instead.”

Another shared, “I was a victim of this too. I ordered take away. When I reach(ed) home, I pass(ed) it to the boy I look after. Then he ask(ed) me why I (ate) half of it. Omg! I didn’t even peep in the bag.”

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“Alrdeay happen(ed) to me multiple times,” shared a third. “When lucky, we dine in, can tell them to change straight. If takeaway or delivery there’s nothing we can do.”

A fourth said that at a Jurong Point branch of the same fast food chain, it was “even worse,” claiming, “I ordered a small and large fries. Both are same…”

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Growing concern over shrinkflation

The growing trend of such complaints about the disproportion between price and serving size, raises concerns about shrinkflation, a phenomena where the size or quantity of a product decreases despite its price either staying the same or increasing.

Recently, another Singaporean online wrote, “I know GST rose by one per cent, but the(food) amount decreased by 40 per cent!” after allegedly receiving a chicken rice order in a styrofoam box that was “not even half-full of rice.”

Shrinkflation: “I know GST rose by 1%, but the (food) amount decreased by 40%!” — Customer complains