SINGAPORE: “The styrofoam box (is) not even half-full of rice,” an unhappy customer said as he took his complaint to an online forum On Monday (Jan 22) to clap back on “shrinkflation”, sharing an experience paying for more but getting way less at a food establishment.

“Amazing,” the post read. “Bought my first take out in 2024. I know GST rose by 1%, but the amount decreased by 40%! Eh walao, at least serve a reasonable amount la…” the customer said. “A simple chicken rice went from S$3.50 to S$3.70 to S$3.80 to S$4.20 in a neighbourhood area over six months… So what did I pay for? A 1/5 bowl of rice and a few (pieces of) meat…”

Though the customer understands the price increase because of factors like inflation, portion sizes drastically decreasing is a different story.

“I understand prices will increase due to inflation, but your portion went from 100 to 50? The styrofoam box (was) not even half full of rice… look at the depth of the box and how much rice there is. You can probably finish it in three scoops because the rice is all squashed to the bottom.”

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Many online users shared the customer’s shock over the portion. “$4.20 for this?” wrote one. “I thought this was the MRT $2 chicken rice.” Another said, “(With) $4.20 SGD, I can buy 500g chicken from AU supermarket and jiak with salt and pepper. This is pathetic.”

In the comments section, the post’s writer added:

“If you’re wondering whether it is the government initiative budget meal (>$3), it’s not. I was charged the full price…

I was so shocked when I opened the box. I mean if you wanna cut down on the protein because of inflated meat prices, okay fine by me. You wanna cut down on the rice too?!

Eh just remove all the meat la, I just eat all (the) white rice can already, at least more full. I at home just boil my own egg and eat that as my protein.”

Broadway Coffee Shop: Chicken Rice
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“Shrinkflation” is a growing concern among Singaporeans, especially with the GST hike, which took effect on Jan 1, 2024.

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