Singapore—In the wake of last month’s DUI charge and his termination from Mediacorp, actor Shane Pow issued an apology over social media on Wednesday (May 5).

This was one day after he was required by Mediacorp to finish outstanding work. The broadcaster announced it was dropping the actor on April 26, after a  drink-driving charge against Pow was made public. 

Mediacorp released a statement to clarify that it was unaware that the actor had been charged with drink-driving in September last year (2020) as he didn’t inform the artiste management team about the incident. 

This would be Pow’s second DUI conviction, as he had also been found guilty of drink-driving in July 2014.

Pow also got into trouble for breaching social distancing rules after gathering with other celebrities at a condominium unit to celebrate actor Jeffrey Xu’s birthday in October.

He was fined S$300 instead of facing prosecution.

In his Instagram post, the actor apologised to his “family, friends and everyone who has shown me love and support”.

“I made a mistake and I regret it deeply with all my heart. I am sorry that I let you down,” he wrote.

Pow also thanked his former artiste management team for the opportunities he had been given by Mediacorp over the past years, underlining that he was “truly grateful”.

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IG screengrab: Shane Pow

He apologised again “for the trouble I’ve caused, and I should have known better and be a better role model”.

The 30-year-old actor was with Mediacorp since 2012.

Pow also said that he is owning up to his behaviour and ensuring this is the last time he has got into trouble this way.

“I have to be responsible for my actions and face the consequences that i deserve and accept whatever punishment that comes my way.

“But i will make certain that this is the last of it. It is hard lesson, but I will better myself and come out stronger than before. 

“I can only hope that when all is said and done, you will find it in your heart to forgive my mistakes and allow me another chance to prove my sincerity once more. Thank you, and I’m sorry,” the actor wrote again.

Mediacorp had written on Apr 26, “We do not condone any behaviour that runs afoul of the law. We constantly remind our artistes that their fans and members of the public look to them as role models, and they are expected to behave as such.”

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Pow is part of two upcoming dramas 心里住着老灵魂 (Soul Old Yet So Young) and 邻里 (The Heartland Hero), which are scheduled for June and July, respectively.

The broadcaster said the shows will be aired as planned, “in consideration for the efforts of the entire cast and crew, and the investments that have been put into these two productions”.

As for the actor, he set to appear in court for his second hearing on June 3, after having been charged with a count of DUI on Apr 22.

If he’s convicted, he’ll be a repeat offender and may endure a driving ban of at least five years. Pow may also be jailed for up to two years and fined between S$5,000 and S$20,000.


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Mediacorp will be dropping Shane Pow following drink-driving charge