SINGAPORE: Elvin Ng shared cute couple photos with co-star Ya Hui, encouraging everyone to watch their upcoming Mediacorp drama series titled ‘My One and Only”. He stated in his post caption: “Too cute to handle.  We promise to give you #goosebumps (and some joy) if you watch our show of love which is (going to be) in the air soon. 😘” 

The new drama series, My One and Only, revolves around the character of Ma Limin, who wants to become a real estate developer alongside her son, Hao Renpin, and offer a one-stop service for property purchase and renovation with her husband, Hao Haojian. It focuses on their client interactions, featuring different stories from different families. 

He said the drama will be available on meWATCH and Channel 8 starting July 24 and 28. 

Netizens expressed their excitement by commenting on the said post. 

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One IG user stated: “Can’t wait for that day! For sure will support you! 😉❤️.May your drama and you always be successful and earn your place in the sun💕” 

Another IG user remarked: “So cute and can’t wait tomorrow can watch my one and only on mewatch 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” 

One more user declared: “I’m so excited, can’t wait to see you on screen tomorrow. Good luck, Elvin. Prayers, love and support to you.” 

In similar news, netizens thought that Hazelle Teo and Ze Liang are in a relationship because of their cute couple pics, all for promoting the same drama series. 

“All is fair in love and war. Or in our case, buying of resale flats,” Hazelle stated in her IG caption. 

‘All is fair in love and war’ — Hazelle Teo in a relationship with Ze Liang?