SINGAPORE: As Singapore Exchange Limited, SGX revealed its half-yearly earnings last week, analysts weighed in on their perspectives on the company’s financial performance.

According to experts, SGX “is expected to grow slower than similar companies in the same industry.”

The financial performance, showcasing revenues of S$592 million and statutory earnings per share of S$0.26, aligned closely with analyst predictions, establishing a “credible result overall,” Yahoo Finance reports.

For investors keen on tracking a company’s trajectory, this report provides a snapshot of the Singapore Exchange’s current standing and sets the stage for industry forecasters to weigh in on its future.

What’s the financial standing of SGX, and what to expect?

The results indicate a stable financial standing, prompting a closer look at the projections for the upcoming year.

Post-results, the twelve analysts covering the Singapore Exchange anticipate revenues reaching S$1.24 billion in 2024, indicating a modest 2.4% improvement over the past 12 months.

However, a 6.6% dip is expected in statutory earnings per share, which is projected to reach S$0.50 during the same period. It’s noteworthy that before this earnings report, analysts were more optimistic, forecasting revenues of S$1.27 billion and earnings per share of S$0.50 in 2024.

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Despite the slightly dimmer outlook, the consensus maintains a price target of S$10.10, suggesting that weaker revenue expectations may not significantly impact the Singapore Exchange’s market value.

A broader analysis of price targets, ranging from the most bullish projection of S$12.40 per share to the most bearish at S$8.97, indicates some diversity in estimates.

However, analysts appear aligned overall, avoiding a stark division on whether the stock is poised for success or failure.

To better interpret these forecasts, it’s important to consider historical performance and industry benchmarks. Analysts expect the Singapore Exchange to continue its historical trends, with a projected 4.8% annualised revenue growth to the end of 2024, closely mirroring the 5.9% annual growth over the past five years.

In contrast, as per analyst estimates, the wider industry is anticipated to experience a more robust 10% annual revenue growth. This suggests that “Singapore Exchange is expected to grow slower than similar companies in the same industry.”

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Overall, there’s a consistent sentiment that the business is performing in line with expectations, with no significant deviation in analysts’ perceptions of earnings per share.

However, a downward adjustment in revenue estimates and a slight underperformance compared to the industry raise questions about the company’s growth trajectory.

Despite these considerations, the consensus price target remains steady, indicating that the business’s intrinsic value hasn’t undergone significant changes based on the latest estimates.

Looking ahead, it becomes evident that “long-term prospects of the business are much more relevant than next year’s earnings.” /TISG

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