SINGAPORE – The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is recalling a baby food product under the Bellamy’s Organic brand.

The government agency issued a statement on Tuesday (November 3) saying that they found “excessive levels of arsenic” in the samples of the Organic Brown Rice Pasta Stars product of Bellamy’s Organic.

According to the SFA, samples of the product were found to have arsenic levels that ranged from between 0.12ppm and 0.3ppm. The agency explained that the maximum limit is 0.1ppm.

The agency has told the direct importer of the product, DKSH Marketing Services Pte Ltd, to remove this product from shelves, and the recall is currently ongoing.

They go on to explain that the amount of arsenic that has been detected in the product is said to “be unsafe for consumption by infants if there is long-term intake.”

The agency also tells consumers that if they have bought the implicated product, they can reach out to their point of purchase in order to exchange them. The SFA reiterated that all batches of the implicated product are to be recalled.

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Those that have purchased the product should make sure that their infants do not consume them, and if they have, they may wish to seek out medical advice in case their child does not feel well.

Aside from showing a photo of the exact product being recalled, the SFA also included the details of the product, stating that each box is 200 grams and the country of origin is Australia. -/TISG