A new poster for tvN’s upcoming drama series “Serendipity’s Embrace,” also titled “Is It Fate?” has been unveiled!

Adapted from a popular webtoon, “Serendipity’s Embrace” follows the story of young people rediscovering love and their dreams after unexpectedly reuniting with their first love from a decade ago.

Kim So Hyun stars as Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer wary of love due to past heartbreak.

When she encounters Kang Hoo Young (Chae Jong Hyeop), who was present for some of her most trying times years ago, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Photo: Wikipedia/Kim So Hyun

Nostalgic excitement of first love

The new poster evokes the nostalgic excitement of first love. Amidst a bustling crowd of students, Lee Hong Joo confidently hands a letter to Kang Hoo Young, whose expression is unreadable.

The poster’s caption reads, “We were awkward but endearing, clumsy but passionate back then,” drawing viewers in with the development of their adolescent love tale into adulthood.

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The production team commented, “Hong Joo and Hoo Young’s seemingly fated first love will bring heart-fluttering excitement and laughter.

From their school days to their reunion at 29, viewers can anticipate the captivating chemistry between Kim So Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop as they navigate memories of first love, oscillating between past and present.”

Premiering soon

The “Serendipity’s Embrace” premiere is July 22 at 8:40 p.m. KST.

Born in Australia on June 4, 1999, Kim So Hyun is a South Korean actress who started acting as a kid in 2006. She became well-known for her parts in historical dramas such as “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012) and “Missing You” (2013).

Chae Jong Hyeop, a rising South Korean actor born on May 19, 1993, is known for his diverse roles in dramas and web series.