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Sengkang GRC residents seek action to mitigate escalating bird menace

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They say they have reported the matter to Sengkang Town Council, but the problem persists.

SINGAPORE — During a recent visit to Block 235 Compassvale Walk in Sengkang GRC, former Member of Parliament for Sengkang West SMC Lam Pin Min encountered residents who complained about bird droppings, a problem they have been facing for years. The residents said they had reported the matter to the Sengkang Town Council, but unfortunately, the problem still persists.

“Many residents feedback to me that they have been plagued by bird’s droppings on their newly washed laundry left to dry outside their flats for the past 2-3 years. Some shared that other blocks facing the same issue had nettings installed except theirs,” shared former MP Lam on his Facebook page.

But that was not the only issue mentioned by the former Minister of State for Health on social media. Lam, who engaged with the residents alongside People’s Action Party member Theodora Lai. He added, “In addition, there were also feedback on the overall cleanliness or lack of, in the estate and hope that these issues can be addressed by the relevant agencies. Thanks residents for the feedback and your warm hospitality!”

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Bird droppings plague not only the residents of Sengkang GRC.

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In September last year, a resident named Farhan Saleha from Block 440A Fernvale Link in Ang Mo Kio GRC complained in a local Facebook group called ‘Fernvale Neighbourhood’ about his family’s struggles with pigeons and their droppings.

Various netizens responded to Farhan, suggesting that the birds might be gathering at the same spot each morning due to regular feeding by some residents. Others encouraged Farhan to report the matter to Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Gan Thiam Poh or purchase rubber spikes to deter the birds from landing on the ledge again.

Photo: Facebook screengrab / Fernvale Neighbourhood

It was reported last year that the Ang Mo Kio Town Council decided to install anti-bird nets at Blocks 467A and 467B in Fernvale Link after consultation with a resident who believed it could solve the pigeon problem.

However, another Fernvale resident Zhong Xueli posted in their community Facebook group, saying the netting made her feel “depressed” as it blocked her view and made her kitchen dimmer.

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The anti-bird netting also created new headaches for other residents. The pigeons began to land elsewhere in the estate without the netting and eventually found their way into various parts of the HDB blocks.

Photo: Facebook screengrab / Fernvale Neighbourhood

The installation of the nets in selected HDB estates aims to deter birds from entering units, perching on aircon ledges, or soiling recently washed clothing  hung out to dry.

It is unclear how many blocks in Sengkang GRC have anti-bird nets and whether there are plans to put them up at Compassvale Walk as mentioned in the Facebook posting by former member of parliament Lam.

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