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Security guard who slapped man’s face in Clarke Quay shopping centre gets fired




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A security officer’s employers chose to sack the employee after a video of him striking a shopper at The Central at Clarke Quay went viral this week.

In the video, the security officer can be seen in a heated argument with a shopper. While it is still unclear what the dispute was about, the officer can be seen gesticulating wildly before abruptly slapping the shopper across his face.

The officer then backs up while the shopper, caught off guard, regains his balance before storming back into the shopping centre:


Posted by The Independent Singapore on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

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The incident reportedly occurred on Friday, 25 Nov.

The officer’s employer, security organisation Certis CISCO has since sacked the employee. The group said in a media statement:

“Certis CISCO regrets to learn of the very unpleasant incident that happened at Clarke Quay Central on 25 Nov and would like to extend our apologies to the member of public. 
“At Certis CISCO, we train and expect our staff to conduct themselves in a professional decorum and we have zero tolerance for misdemeanour that runs contrary to the code of conduct expected of our staff. 
“As such, the staff involved in this incident has been terminated with immediate effect. 
“We have also shared the incident with the rest of our security staff and reiterate the importance of conducting themselves professionally when interacting with members of the public.”

A representative from CBRE, the managing group of The Central at Clarke Quay, also said that the group conducted a through investigation into the matter. CBRE’s Associate Director of Asset Service, Serene Koh, told reporters:

“CBRE takes a serious view of the safety of the occupants in all the buildings we manage.
“Following the incident, we carried out a thorough investigation with all parties concerned including the security company Certis Cisco who employed the security officer involved in the incident.
“We understand that Certis Cisco has since terminated the employment of the security officer.
“This is the first time an incident of such a nature has been lodged and we will work closely with Certis Cisco to ensure that the security personnel deployed at the mall carry out their duties with the highest level of professionalism.”


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