SINGAPORE: 2023 presidential election candidate and former GIC chief investment officer Ng Kok Song has warned Singaporeans from falling prey to scammers misusing his name and his fiancée Sybil Lau’s name to solicit funds through the use of deepfake technology.

In a Facebook post published yesterday (6 Oct), he said, “Dear friends, it has come to my attention that some accounts have resorted to using deepfakes of me or Sybil to sell financial products/services.”

Mr Ng made it clear that he and Ms Lau have specific, verified communication channels, and they would not reach out to individuals or propagate messages through other means without explicit approval. He urged the public to exercise vigilance and double-check the authenticity of any such accounts or messages purportedly coming from them.

The couple has already taken measures to remove most of the fraudulent videos circulating online. However, they mentioned that one platform remains unaffected, and they are committed to ensuring its removal to maintain the safety of the online community.

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Mr Ng also urged everyone to share this warning with their family and friends to prevent further victimization by scammers misusing their identities.

He wrote: “Sybil & and I will only communicate with you via our personal and verified channels. Unless otherwise stated with our approval, we will not reach out to you or propagate messaging through other channels. Please be vigilant and double-check before engaging with such accounts. We have managed to get most of the videos taken down, except for one platform. We will continue to do our best to ensure they are removed so that our online community is kept safe.

“Let us all play our parts in ensuring our own financial and digital defence. Do share this message with your family and friends.”

The incident involving Mr Ng serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving tactics employed by scammers and the critical need for vigilance when dealing with financial matters online. Singaporeans are advised to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any communication or financial offers from sources claiming to be associated with prominent figures.