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Rui En had no intention to be provocative pleads her fan club president




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The following is a letter from Rui En’s fan club president. We publish it in full.

Dear Friends of the Media
It must have been a long day for you too.
It is undeniable that Rui En did not attempt to run away from the scene
I believe you should have seen the photos at the carpark and statement from Hype Records, there’s no denial that Rui En never intended to run away. Let’s set the records right, one by one.
She was driving against the direction of the exit, as you can tell from the position of the car in the photos. There’s nothing to debate about this.
If you saw the photos, you would agree that if she had not repositioned her car, it would cause fellow residents inconvenience, she was just hoping to not impose on more people.
Why didn’t Rui En alert Mr Bahrom before repositioning her car
You might wonder, why didn’t she alert the motorcyclist before repositioning her car. If you recall from the motorcyclist’s account with Wanbao, he was not by his bike. He was walking towards his bike when the point of contact happened.
So Rui En had no idea who to approach. If you were her, and there’s empty lots right after the turn, won’t you be considerate enough to park your car there before resolving the issue?
Do you know who I am?
Understandably, Mr Bahrom was anxious and misunderstood her intention as running away, hence he chased after her car, banging on her windows. I don’t know about you, but if I am the driver, I might be a little intimidated.
When Rui En asked Mr Bahrom if he knew who she was, there was no provocative intention. It was simply because she’s a public figure and a resident there, so people who knows who she is knows that she has no escape, that she will not run away. Otherwise, why would she drive against the direction of exit?
Unfortunately, Mr Bahrom had already misunderstood Rui En from the onset as attempting to drive off, hence when she asked the question, he reacted accordingly. She could have been more straightforward to inform of her identity, but there’s no telling now if the response might be, “so what?”
What would have happened if she wasn’t Rui En
Car drivers ought to know this.
For such accidents involving stationary vehicle, with no injury, no police report is required and private settlement is the norm. Failing which, the victim can claim from the insurance company of the opposite party. Hence, just like any car owner who might be involved in similar accidents, Rui En offered a $2000 compensation. She is no car mechanic, she has no idea how much is considered appropriate.
What happened during the negotiation
Mr Bahrom, requested for $6000 instead. Which was 300% of what Rui En had initially offered. At this point, Mr Bahrom is already aware that she is a celebrity.
Most of us commoners would probably counter propose and negotiate. Hence, Rui En put Mr Bahrom on phone with a contact who better understand what is appropriate. It shows that Rui En doesn’t have the experience to deal with accidents, you are either a car fanatic or an experienced accident-prone driver to know these.
When was the police call made
At this juncture, Mr Bahrom’s sister arrived at the carpark and saw her brother’s bike on the floor and Mr Bahrom having a negotiation with a chinese lady. Also anxious, she called the police. Oblivious that her brother was negotiating for compensation with Rui En.
The police arrived and what happens after that is not appropriate for me to comment when investigations are ongoing.
Eyewitnesses’ accounts as read from the media
From the papers, I read eyewitnesses’ accounts that Rui En was able to park her car properly before the police arrived and it was a calm negotiation between Rui En and Mr Bahrom. There was no provocative confrontation at this point.
I urge you, my friends, to exercise prudence and empathy with your pen and keyboards.
Is the media and public playing the role of vigilantes, dealing her additional punishment and holding her accountable beyond the law?
Yes, I am concerned. I am deeply concerned that Rui En is sentenced to state of no redemption because of extensive reports, some factual, some sensationalised, some misleading.
On the law
No one is above the law.
If investigations reveal that she has indeed breached the law, she will have to face the legal punishment herself. Is it necessary for media to punish her twice? Is this the so called justice?
If investigations conclude that she is innocent, what can be done after the round of bashing, would that help?
Notable points that you might have missed
In your time pressed attempt to cover this “what should have been a no news worth car accident if a public figure wasn’t involved” incident, I would like to highlight some points which you might have missed out.
1. Besides the fact that Rui En did not attempt to run away,
2. Or the fact that her “do you know who I am?” has been misinterpreted,
3. Rui En and her managers did not do the disappearance act, when media tried to contact Hype Records, they did not hang up the phone, or refuse to reply.
4. Hype Records also promptly released a statement to the media and shared the details that could be shared in view of pending investigations. They have been forthcoming.
5. There is no lies or cover-ups here. Please do not forget this.
6. In many similar car accidents, you will hear both parties trying to pinpoint the weakest links of the opposite party’s account, in order to “gain points”.
But there has been no accusation or questioning of Mr Bahrom’s account here. Why? Because no matter how Mr Bahrom reacts, however intimidating it might be (at least to me), Rui En accepts her responsibility for knocking down his bike.
She doesn’t shirk responsibilities. That’s Rui En for you.
7. The car accident is most unfortunate, but there’s no denying that there is no compromising of Rui En’s integrity. She remains the responsible person, who would account for her actions and considerate enough to reposition her car so as to not impose on other residents.
8. I just saw on Wanbao & Shinmin’s covers about Rui En’s apology. I have not read the content so I can’t comment but that apology, yes that’s the Rui En I know. No doubt that it was going to come. In life, everyone makes mistakes, it is important to admit and learn from it.
My plea
I sincerely hope that media will exercise empathy in this case. Be fair to both Mr Bahrom and Rui En, let the police do their unbiased investigation. Rui En will not shy away from her responsibilities. You need not worry about this.
Star Awards
This is really really unfortunate. You would never understand how tough it is to win “All Time Favourite Artiste Award”. 10 wins and more than 10 years before our moment finally arrives.
Do you know how much this means to us fans? You probably will never understand totally, but again, I seek your empathy.
This was meant to be our night. It was supposed to our once-in-a-lifetime moment, there’s no way anyone can return this experience to us if they ruin it. Must you?
We have been looking forward to this for the past year, let us off, let us fans have a memorable night we deserve. Please. Really.
I’m genuinely pleading you.
Thank you.
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