SINGAPORE: In an episode of the entertainment show #JustSwipeLah, the cast of Mediacorp’s newest drama, Cash on Delivery, spoke about their experience with special training programmes to prepare for their roles. Also present in the show were artists Cavin Soh, Richie Koh, He Yingying, and Jernelle Oh. 

Jernelle, who needs to use a wheelchair in the drama because her character has cerebral palsy, shared: “I tried going to the toilet and opening the door by myself.. I realized that many doors were too small and not suitable for my wheelchair to enter and exit.” 

More so, Cavin Soh admitted: “Actually, I protested to the producer, because I believe my character should be riding a motorcycle. However, the motorcycle was given to Richie Koh.”

Soh added: “The producers told me it’s because he’s the male lead and I’m the supporting actor.” With this, he accepted that he had to ride a bicycle instead. 

Speaking of motorcycles and bicycles, the Soh was able to experience the job of delivery riders first-hand. 

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Soh remarked: “I used to think delivery riders just needed to cycle from here to there, and if I needed to pay them $8, that was too expensive.. But when we really tried and experienced delivering food, it’s actually not easy.” 

To jokingly reply to Cavin, the host of the show, Juin Teh, stated that it is difficult to deliver food because he was using a bicycle. 

“Yes, because I’m a supporting cast member and the supporting actor needs to use bicycles while the lead actor gets to use motorcycles,” he protested. 

Watch the full episode of #JustSwipeLah here: