price increase at coffeeshop drinks stall

SINGAPORE: A Singaporean recently shared a photo of a coffeeshop increasing its drink prices, effective Jul 1, 2024. The sign announced a $0.10 increase for hot and cold drinks, a $0.10 increase for soft drinks, and a $0.20 hike for special drinks. Singaporeans online reacted, with many expressing their frustration over the price hike.

One commenter remarked, “When CDC vouchers are issued, they will adjust the prices.”

This sentiment was echoed by others, who noted that price adjustments seemed to coincide with the issuance of government support. Another commenter pointed out, “Some or most stalls have already increased food and drink prices by 20 to 50 cents. Now your banner showcases another increase starting from Jul, 1 2024. This will definitely lead other stalls to raise prices again, making people spend more. It’s frustrating.”

Another netizen stated, “If you look around the coffeeshop, only about 30% of people order drinks because they are too expensive. I can easily go to a local store and buy a can of drink for less than a dollar.”

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Besides the price increases on coffeeshop drinks, another commenter shared a similar encounter with rising prices. He shared, “I also encountered a $0.10 charge for taking an extra plate or bowl.”

Meanwhile other shops elsewhere have decided against raising prices to cater to lower-income earners like the elderly.

One coffeeshop at Block 40, Margaret Drive, Queenstown sells tea and coffee for only 50 cents, which is believed to be the cheapest price in the area.

At Block 118, Aljunied Avenue 2, a food court offers a similar initiative. Patrons spending at least $3 in the food court can purchase hot beverages like coffee, tea, barley water, or herbal tea at a discounted price of $1. Iced options, including iced coffee, tea, chocolate, and lemonade, are also available for $1.

Some coffeeshop stallholders refuse to hike prices, still sell tea/coffee at 50 cents


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