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SINGAPORE: The price of a chicken chop has become a hot topic online, with Singaporeans expressing disbelief at prices reaching S$8 or more at certain Western food stalls. 

One Singaporean took to social media to share that food prices at Singaporean Western stores have seen “at least 50% price increase.”

He pointed out that the price of chicken chop at a stall in Ang Mo Kio had steadily climbed from S$5 to S$8, with the option of black pepper sauce adding another S$1 to the bill.

His post read: “Chicken chop from last time $5.00 -> $5.50 -> $6.00 to now $8.00. Add black pepper become $9.00? Chicken wing rice from last time $3.20 -> $3.80 and now $5.00? Crazy…

Chicken cutlet also, from $5.00 -> $6.00 and 3 months ago $7, now $8?”

“They think they are Aston’s or char grill? Charge these kind of exorbitant pricing? Chicken wing 1 piece $1.70 , used to be 2 for $2.30 lol. Really joker.almost at the level of old chang Kee of $2.30 per wing (or is it $2.50 already? ).

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Old chang Kee maybe next year gonna rise to $3.00 already, macham 1 aka carte kfc chicken parts,” he added.

This resonated with many Singaporeans who shared similar experiences of significant food price hikes.

One chimed in, “It’s very common now. 2 kopitiams near my place are selling chicken chop at 8.50.” Another shared, “It’s been like that for quite a while already, the one in my mall already 9.90 for chicken chop with fries.”

If western food cost more than $6, we are better off eating Mac, Mos, BK. For $10, we could have dine in aircon and with a drink,” lamented another, echoing a sentiment shared by many.

Others pointed out that portions seemed to be shrinking alongside the price increase, adding to the disappointment.

While some expressed frustration due to the price hikes, others acknowledged the economic pressures owners face leading to price increases for consumers.

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One commenter highlighted, “Aside from rental cost increases, ingredients cost increases are across the board.

From my ex colleagues in the food supply industry, chicken cost from suppliers have increase by a minimum of 50% with no upper limit in sight. This is due to high feed cost due to war and increased logistics cost ever since the increase during covid.

And for suppliers, poultry are sold by containers, while beef and pork are sold by per animal carcass. Thus increasing the costs to the logistics and warehouse storage, not to mention the processing done.”

He added, “This is the cost of Singapore being too small to have our own agriculture and husbandry industries, thus needing to import.”

With inflation squeezing Singaporeans’ wallets, the once-budget-friendly option of Western food stalls may no longer be accessible.

Some Singaporeans in the comments turned to a more practical approach, with one stating, “I have already made my choice, eat less outside and only those food that I can’t cook. I rather air fry frozen stuff if I crave.

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Fast food? Just look at BK, shrunk the burger at least 30%.” /TISG

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