Home News Post praising Lee Hsien Yang and his wife's humility trending

Post praising Lee Hsien Yang and his wife’s humility trending




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An account by netizen Dennis Lim where he praised Lee Hsien Yang and his wife Suet Fern for their humbleness has been trending since it was posted on Facebook today.

In his post, Lim recounts how the first thing Lee Hsien Yang did when he arrived at the opening ceremony of Suet Fern’s law firm, Stamford Law Corporation, was to take the food and personally offer it to the workers who were completing renovation works, inviting them to join the celebration and help themselves to more food.

When the workers were shy to accept and when the other guests appeared stunned, Lee apparently insisted that the workers eat, telling the others that the workers are guests as well.

Lim also recounted that he did not know that Suet Fern was Lee’s wife as she frequently visited the workers during the renovations and even ran down to buy food for workers working late several times.

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In ending his post, Lim shared his support for the couple who are embroiled in a public dispute with Lee’s elder brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, over their family home 38 Oxley Road.

“The day your wife law firm Stamford law corporation open ceremony. Guest came in and get started with the celebration. U came in took off your coat and first thing u did was grab the food, for the workers that are still trying to struggle and complete the tail end work. And even invited the workers in to help themselves with the food. And told them it’s ok when they are too shy and dirty to get in. U insisted. Your guests looks stunted and u told guests, these workers are guest too. Before this I didn’t even know she was your wife and she has been coming in during renovation and many a times ran down to buy food for the workers that has stayed late for to work. We feel it in the heart. I respect u & your wife and trust u guys, stay strong.”

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