Singapore ― After seeing a trail of dine-in stickers left on an escalator handle, a member of the public called for more discipline in discarding stickers handed to individuals as a vaccination status identification mark.

One Matthew L Tan took to Facebook on Thursday (Sept 30) to share that he had just finished his meal at Koufu at Waterway Point.

He saw the stickers on the rubber handle of the nearby escalator.

Photo: FB screengrab/Matthew L. Tan

“The poor cleaners (often old aunties and uncles) will have much difficulties getting it off,” added Mr Tan.

“It would be nice if we could just get rid of it in the right way.”

He noted that there was a designated board right outside the food court for the stickers, or they could be dumped properly in the rubbish bin.

Photo: FB screengrab/Matthew L. Tan

The stickers were recently imposed to differentiate vaccinated from unvaccinated diners.

Only vaccinated individuals who wish to eat at air-conditioned food courts in certain malls would be allowed.

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They are given stickers to tell them apart from unvaccinated individuals who could only get takeaway food.

Meanwhile, members from the online community wondered if the sticker system was essential.

“Entry check should have already been done before being able to enter the food court,” highlighted Facebook user Sky Chen Cky.

“It’s just showing that you have doubts on your entry checks, so you need to issue stickers to confirm. If your entry checks are firm, I don’t see the need of issuing the stickers. Waste of resources and caused more troubles,” he added.

“Don’t give stickers! I don’t see the need for it, and it is a waste of resources. So much about being eco-friendly and climate crisis. Why contradicting policies?” added Facebook user Janet Lo.

This isn’t the first time such a practice has been highlighted on social media.

In February this year, a photo of an escalator located in Novena covered in hospital stickers went viral as two cleaners were tasked with removing each one by hand.

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Despite sticker boards being placed at hospitals like Singapore General Hospital (SGH), visitors tend to discard them in other areas.

SGH had released an advisory urging visitors to use the designated sticker boards or throw the stickers properly.

“It pains us when we see these stickers pasted randomly at the escalator handrails, bus stop seats or public spaces. Please be considerate,” the hospital added. /TISG

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ByHana O