Pop star Pink hit back at a nasty birthday message by an online troll comparing her to British comedian and political activist Suzy Eddie Izzard.

Pink was compared to Izzard and insulted in terms of her appearance. Pink said that she had no time for transphobic trolls and would not let them rattle her at all.

“I just showed my 12-year-old daughter your post. I explained to her that I’ve never met you. I don’t know you and I have no idea why you would go out of your way to be hateful. It was a good lesson in ignorance. Thank you. I still don’t know you. Congrats. You’re no one,” said Pink.

Pink in fact praised Izzard saying she was glowing in the photo and told the troll that if she was trying to demean her by choosing Izzard’s photo to put her down, there were so many other pictures she could have chosen. “At least be creative next time, dum dum,” said the singer.

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She also wanted to send a strong message out to her daughter to say that she wants her to know that trolls can be hurtful online and kids should know this. She said that she wanted her daughter to know that her self-esteem does not rely upon the opinions of others nor does it rely upon how many tickers I sell.

The singer turned 44 last week. Pink, whose real name is Alecia Hart is married to road truck racer Carey Hart. The couple have a daughter called Willow and a son named Jameson.

In an interview with People magazine earlier this year, Pink had said that she had been nervous about being a mother at first but now finds it to be an incredible experience.

“I did not know that I was going to have a family. I didn’t picture that for myself because I was terrified that I would be a terrible mother. It’s shocking how responsible I’ve become. I love being a mum, I love music and I’m damn lucky I get to do all these things. I count my blessings every single day,” said the singer.

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Pink has always been vocal about supporting the LGBTQ+ community saying that support for queer youth is of utmost importance. She said that when she first came to LA all her friends were gay even though she wasn’t.

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