Singapore – A photo of a food delivery rider drenched in the rain while walking barefoot and holding bags of orders has gone viral online.

On Tuesday (Nov 24), Facebook user Danielsa Halique took to Complaint Singapore‘s page to share a photo that garnered much respect online. It was of a GrabFood rider heading towards what appears to be his motorcycle parked across the street.

The rider was walking barefoot, his shoes wrapped in a plastic bag. He also had customer orders with him as he made his way to his ride on a rainy day.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The post has over 1,400 positive reactions to date with over 220 comments from members of the online community praising the work of these essential workers. Although the initial caption of Ms Halique on the post was “so sad looking at this photo,” netizens urged others not to feel sad but to praise the man instead.

“Praise him for he is a good man. A great example for everyone,” said Facebook user God-Frey Montoya Seet. “He is a better man than some. He who earns by honest living.”

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Many extended their respect for food delivery riders. “Respect them and don’t be hasty to them. They also try their best to deliver food to us, especially during this unpredictable weather,” said Facebook user Lim Ling.

“Rain or shine, these riders working very hard to deliver our food on time and immediately for a small earning. A salute to them,” commented Facebook user Noor Shaj.

Meanwhile, a netizen identified the rider after seeing him multiple times on the road. “Good guy and friendly,” said the individual who wished the rider all the best.

Others encouraged customers to practice more patience and understanding in case their orders were delayed.

“To those who have feedback about the poor service they received from the food delivery folks. Most of them are hardworking, trying to earn a decent living,” highlighted Facebook user Jonathan Chan. “It’s just that you have met a bad deliveryman and have not encountered a good and responsible one who delivers food to you rain or shine. Appreciate them.”

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Some were inspired by the photo as it illustrated what hard-earned income meant. “I feel inspired to work harder looking at this photo,” said Facebook user Aaron Tan.

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ByHana O