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Petitions with over 21,000 signatures for NUS student seeking stronger deterrents against campus perverts

A communications major and former Eusoff Hall resident is leveraging the power of social media to curb increasing sexual misconduct as well as improve victim support services in Singapore's tertiary educational institutions.




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Singapore – Two petitions were started for the National University of Singapore (NUS) student who was filmed without her consent and knowledge while showering in Eusoff Hall.

News of the incident broke out on April 19 and had since made headlines.

The punishment for the perpertrator — chemical engineering student and former Eusoff Hall resident Lim Jun Kai — was a one-term suspension, a 12-month conditional (sentence) warning, and a written apology to the victim, Monica Baey.

Baey, who felt that the punishment was not enough, expressed her concerns on social media. The third-year communications major and former Eusoff Hall resident is leveraging the power of social media to curb increasing sexual misconduct as well as improve victim support services in Singapore’s tertiary educational institutions.

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“I want real consequences for perpetrators that commit such acts and I want to know that NUS will reprimand them seriously so other potential perpetrators know they will face punishment if they commit (such acts),” wrote Baey on Instagram.

Her plea went viral and NUS issued a statement on April 20 to say that it is reaching out to Baey to offer her support and assistance.

The university also added that a committee would convene to “review the current disciplinary and support frameworks.” Findings of the study will be shared and implemented accordingly in the new academic year.

Read the full statement posted on NUS’ Facebook page below:

“We are sorry for Miss Monica Baey’s distressing experience, which is of extreme concern to the University. We are in the process of reaching out to her to offer our support and assistance. 

What has been committed is serious and investigated by the Police and we understand that the male student concerned received a 12-month conditional warning from the police.

When such offences are committed, the NUS Board of Discipline, which comprises student and faculty representatives, will also conduct its own disciplinary proceedings.

It will consider factors such as the severity of the offence, the need for justice for the victim, the rehabilitative needs of the student offender, the safety of the NUS community, and also the decisions and penalties imposed by the authorities.

We hear the concerns expressed by members of our community and the public about having a safer and more supportive campus environment, and recognise that advances in camera technology can be easily abused.

NUS President will convene a committee to review the current disciplinary and support frameworks. This committee, which will have representation from the NUS Board of Trustees, will study the approaches taken by other international institutions, and solicit views from various stakeholders. We expect to share the findings of the study and follow up actions in the new academic year.”

Associate Professor Peter Pang 

Dean of Students

National University of Singapore

The first petition, “Stiffer Punishment for Nicholas Lim Jun Kai,” currently has over 15,980 signatures, and is specifically addressed to four NUS heads:  NUS president Tan Eng Chye, senior deputy president and provost Ho Teck Hua, administration acting deputy president and campus infrastructure senior vice president Yong Kwet Yew, and student life vice provost Florence Ling.

In this petition, a detailed description is provided on Baey’s story as well as other “peeping Tom” cases. The petition is calling for stiffer punishments for sexual offenders in university campuses and the expulsion of Nicholas Lim from NUS.

A day later, another petition was started to call for Singapore police to reopen Baey’s case. Over 6000 signatures were gathered for this petition at press time.

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