SINGAPORE: A S$580 My Skills Future course that would teach people how to properly sanitise washrooms has sent Singaporeans reeling.

According to the course description, the basic cleaning course “allows learners to gain the basic knowledge and skills required in performing basic cleaning of washroom and replenishing consumables.

“At the end of the course, learners would be able to: prepare for work activities; remove dust, debris, soilage and spillage from sanitary fixtures and fittings, toilet walls/ partitions and toilet floors lean toilet floors; lean toilet walls/ partitions and surfaces with high users contact; replenish consumable items in (the) sanitary area; (and) reinstate (the) work area.”

The course price got a reaction from many online users. Some people expressed their surprise over how much people would pay to learn what should be a life skill.

“So expensive to learn this skill,” said one, while another commented, “Should be free and mandatory for everyone.”

Others shared their take on such courses, with one writing, “Actually they do teach some useful stuff. Plus with a cert, those who wanna do a cleaner’s job get it a lot easier.

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“It isn’t just brushing the toilet seat. It teaches you the fastest way to keep it dry and clean. Along with other stuff like the floor and how-to’s.

Yeah, it’s all (nonsense) when you’re just cleaning your home toilet, but when you’re cleaning hundreds of it a day it makes a big difference. Of course, with that price tag, anyone who wanna be a cleaner straight feels sien. Unless it’s paid by the company.

Another shared, “I have a major in facilities management which we kinda learn similar things like how to clean toilets and stuff and I actually paid significantly more in order to learn how to clean and manage these infrastructure.

For example, how to ensure that toilets in offices are clean by employing robots and AI.

“It sounds grim but it has actually paid off in terms of employment for me. I am interning this summer at Google as a janitorial intern where I will be bringing AI to ensure cleanliness in every aspect of the office.”

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Still, others joked about opening a course of their own. “My house needs cleaning. Can I open a class?” wrote one.