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PAP MP volleys “tough questions” on Oxley spat to PM and Parliament




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Member of Parliament for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Mr Christopher De Souza, asked 10 questions in Parliament yesterday, aimed to uncover whether there is truth to the allegations Dr and Mr have recently thrown against their brother, Prime Minister .

Saying that he believes that it is the aspersions that have been cast upon organs of state that have catapulted this issue from the private domain to the public sphere, De Souza – a lawyer who has served in state courts, the Supreme Court and the Attorney-General’s Chambers – indicated┬áthat it is important┬áto investigate whether the mission of the organs of state are subservient to the agenda of any personality, as it has been alleged by ’s youngest children.

He then volleyed the ten following questions to the Prime Minister and to Parliament:

  1. Is it true or false that organs of state are being used to target Mr and Dr ?
  2. Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang questioned whether “able leaders with independent political legitimacy will be sidelined to ensure Hsien Loong’s grip on power remains unchallenged.” Is it true that ensuring the Prime Minister’s power remains unchallenged trumps independent political legitimacy?
  3. Mr Lee Hsien Yang said, “a few of the attacks we had to face in private are now public. False accusations, character assassination, the entire machinery of the Singapore press thrown against us.” Is it true or false that the Government uses Singapore press to target Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang?
  4. The siblings have said that they see “many upright leaders of quality and integrity throughout public service who are constrained by Hsien Loong’s misuse of power at the very top.” Is it true that public service is constrained by the Prime Minister’s misuse of power at the top?
  5. Is it true or false that the leadership and direction of the government is directed for personal purposes or any other improper purpose?
  6. Is it true or false that organs of the state may be used for personal agendas?
  7. Is it true or false that the ministerial committee is merely a facade that the Prime Minister is able to influence in one way or the other?
  8. Is it true or false that the ministerial committee never told Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling about options they were exploring?
  9. On 15 Jun 2017 at 9.25pm, Mr Lee Hsien Yang wrote, “Hsien Loong’s public statement contradicts the statutory declaration he made to his secret committee. It is wrong to lie to Parliament and it is wrong to lie under oath. Is it true or false that the Prime Minister lied to Parliament?
  10. On 14 June 2017, Lee Hsien Yang said, “Hsien Loong has asserted to the committee that would accept any decision by the Government to preserve 38 Oxley Road. In doing this, Hsien Loong has deliberately misrepresented ’s clear intentions for his own political benefit. He has also gone back on his own declarations that he would recuse himself from all government decisions involving 38 Oxley.” Is it true or false that the Prime Minister has misguided a ministerial committee to fulfill his own personal purposes?

Claiming that the parliamentary debate is an “example of the rubric of accountability,” De Souza said that while he does not doubt the Prime Minister’s integrity or loyalty to the country, he has a sacred duty to the constituents he serves to ask the “tough questions.”

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He said that he hopes the responses to the questions he has raised will bring an end to the saga which has impacted Singapore’s standing in the eyes of the international community.

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