SINGAPORE: Forbes has unveiled its ninth edition of the prestigious “30 Under 30 Asia” list, celebrating young trailblazers from across the continent. This year, more than 10 Singaporeans have made it to the esteemed list, showcasing their innovative contributions across various industries.

In the finance and venture capital category, Regina Ho, a senior associate at Rakuten Ventures, stood out as the sole Singaporean honoree. Ms Ho has played a pivotal role in deploying investments across more than 20 companies, including prominent names like Carousell. Additionally, she made history by becoming the youngest board member of Rakuten Ventures’ first beauty portfolio company, Base.

Wang Zihao, a research fellow at the National University of Singapore, was the only Singaporean recognized in the healthcare and science category. His groundbreaking research focuses on the structure of two-dimensional materials with potential applications in next-generation chips and computing components, heralding significant advancements in technology.

In consumer technology, Getgo cofounder Johnson Lim was acknowledged for his innovative car-sharing service, developed during the pandemic with his friend Toh Ting Feng.

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The education sector saw recognition for Evan Heng, founder of Zenith Education Studio. Established in 2019, Zenith Education Studio aims to enhance primary school students’ proficiency in English, mathematics, and science, providing essential support for their academic growth.

Meanwhile, Pulkit Agarwal and Tamir Shklaz, co-founders of Strive, were celebrated for their novel approach to teaching mathematics through coding, bridging the gap between traditional education and modern technology.

In the industry, manufacturing, and energy category, Avni Agrawal was honored for co-founding SixSense, a company that leverages AI technologies to help factories detect defects and inspect equipment, improving efficiency and quality control in manufacturing processes.

NEU Battery Materials co-founders Bryan Oh and Kenneth Palmer were also listed on the index for their innovative recycling technology. Their company recycles production-grade lithium from waste batteries using a patented electrochemical redox targeting technology, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.

Mihir Pershad, CEO of Umami Bioworks, was recognized for his work in cultivated seafood. His startup recently merged with rival Shiok Meats to advance the development of lab-grown seafood products like cultivated eel and tuna, aiming to revolutionize the food industry with sustainable alternatives.

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In the biotech sector, Kit Yong – founder of Forte Biotech – was acknowledged for creating a diagnostic product for prawn farmers in Southeast Asia. This innovation helps farmers monitor pathogen levels and diagnose diseases in prawn ponds, enhancing aquaculture practices.

For the retail and e-commerce category, Delugs co-founder Chia Pei Qi was listed for addressing the demand for quality straps and accessories for luxury watches, catering to a niche yet growing market.

Salina Chai, co-founder of Margo & Smith, was honored for her company’s expertise in the maintenance and restoration of luxury leather goods, offering bespoke services to preserve high-end items.

Rounding out the list of young entrepreneurs was Maya Kale, co-founder of Moom Health. Her company developed supplements specifically for women with polycystic ovary syndrome, addressing a significant health issue with tailored nutritional solutions.

These young Singaporean leaders exemplify innovation and excellence in their respective fields, earning them a well-deserved spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia” list. Their achievements highlight Singapore’s growing influence in global entrepreneurship and innovation.