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Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron has issued a stern warning to an appellate court regarding the risks and the potentially destructive consequences of lifting the former president’s gag order.

NY judge on Gag Order

Through his attorney, David Nocenti, Justice Engoron emphasized the risk of outbursts that could ensue if the order is overturned.

“The gag order only prevents the parties from speaking about Justice Engoron’s staff, NOTHING ELSE,” the filing clarified. It explicitly stated that Trump and his legal team are free to discuss Justice Engoron himself, the Attorney General, the substance of the claims, and various other aspects related to the case.

The NY Judge, Justice Engoron’s attorney questioned the necessity for such vehement opposition to a limited order, highlighting the broader issues facing the nation that warrant serious debate.

The filing expressed skepticism toward any argument claiming interference with First Amendment rights, pointing out that Trump’s ability to discuss the judge’s court staff seems unrelated to the broader campaign discourse.

The document delved into the unique challenge posed by Trump’s influential persona, noting his inordinate ability to draw attention, fervor, and animosity” toward those he criticizes.

An unfolding drama

A court security officer revealed that Justice Engoron and his principal law clerk have been subjected to “hundreds” of threatening and anti-Semitic messages. These messages have surged when Trump mentions the clerk, only abating during periods when the gag order was in effect.

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