Apparently, a story of a woman went viral in recent days simply due to her venting out her frustrations that her husband calls her a woman. Ironically, she admits that she is a “non-binary” woman, but wants her husband to admit that they are in an LGBTQ+ relationship. For most individuals, when a man and woman get together, they are in a straight relationship. 

The non-binary movement has gained momentum this year, up to a point where it even angered parents. In August, Fox News reported, author Alex Gino, known for “Melissa,” responded to parental backlash in a Yahoo News interview. The book, formerly titled “George,” follows a fourth-grade girl, Melissa, grappling with gender identity. 

Gino, using “they/them” pronouns, defended the book amidst uproar, addressing parents pushing back on its content, stating it’s meant for grades 3-7. The work faced criticism, making the American Library Association’s list of challenged books for LGBTQIA+ content. 

Gino emphasized the need for diverse stories, attributing challenges as a reason to create more inclusive narratives, despite parental opposition and ongoing debates on censorship in schools.  

Non-binary woman angry at husband for calling her a woman 

Unfortunately for the individual, X users are not too kind towards her. Some state that her husband is straight and is attracted to women only. This alone makes their relationship a straight relationship. For the most part, those who are against the non-binary movement tend to cite biology as a reference. 

Furthermore, other X users state that she seems to be the only one who wants to have these labels. But her husband seems to not be allowed to have his label. In essence, users point out that it seems that her opinion is the only one that matters, and her husband’s input is less relevant to her. 

Following that, most users are in disbelief with what they saw, and they are unable to stomach the information. Another person responds by saying that this would be harder for someone from 30 years ago to understand. 

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