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Nick Jonas openly discussed his experience with being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. In an Instagram post shared with his mother, he highlighted four crucial signs that led to his diagnosis and credited his family, especially his mum, for noticing these signs and prompting him to seek treatment.

Denise Jonas mentioned Nick Jonas’ diagnosis 18 years ago, with Nick Jonas himself acknowledging experiencing the symptoms: increased urination, extreme thirst, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. His mother admitted being initially alarmed but in denial due to Nick Jonas’ driven nature. Denise Jonas shared that her 31-year-old son was very enthusiastic when he was young. The Jonas Brothers singer mentioned that his family especially Denise Jonas had noticed something different about him.

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Grateful for his family

Nick Jonas expressed gratitude toward his family for recognizing the changes in him, leading to his diagnosis, despite diabetes not being widely discussed then. He felt fortunate that he had an incredible support system around him that noticed the signs and helped him make the decision to get checked and ultimately saved his life.

Now a father, he emphasized the importance of staying vigilant as his daughter grows.  He shares daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, 21 months with Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes

He aims to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes, urging people to notice signs, get checked, and shared resources for support. Nick Jonas said that whether you are a parent, a parental figure in somebody’s life or just a big brother or sister, be alert to see those signs and get checked.

The singer-songwriter has been transparent about his health journey, revealing the challenges of adjusting to managing diabetes initially. Despite a learning curve, he now feels more adept after 16 years, wishing he had a role model during his diagnosis. He aspires to be that figure for youngsters dealing with the condition, reflecting on his own initial fear and the need for someone to inspire and demonstrate that life with diabetes doesn’t halt dreams.

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