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New York City has always been known for its congestion. From a century ago until today, it is one of the symbols of the city. However, there have been talks about how the city can overcome this issue. One of the solutions thought up by the leaders is for them to start charging commuters with a congestion toll. 

CBS News states, the MTA board approved a $15 congestion pricing toll for Manhattan’s Central Business District, aiming to alleviate congestion. Suburban commuters express concern about high fees, while exemptions for school buses and medical appointments are debated. 

The plan faces public hearings and potential delays due to legal challenges from New Jersey officials. Residents worry about increased traffic, parking issues, and the toll’s economic impact, with discussions on limited exemptions to be addressed in upcoming hearings before the program’s anticipated spring launch.

However, the pricings may vary for different modes of transport. Trucks and other large vehicles may be charged between $24-26. This may impact on the prices of goods entering the city. For the most part, the officials seem to be happy with this suggestion, but the people, maybe not.  

X users vehemently unhappy with New York City’s $15 congestion toll 


Several X users are obviously unhappy with this. They state that the government is more than willing to offer free services for illegal migrants but they aren’t trying to help the American people. The user adds that it is a sanctuary city for those who are unable to pay, but is pricing out those who are able to do so. 

Others joked that the state will soon tax individuals who are U-Hauling their way out of there. However, some state that this could be the reality for Californians, in turn is trying to charge their former residents taxes. Currently, this “exit tax” in California is applicable to billionaires, but many fear that it could be broadened out to regular civilians. 

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