Home News "Never give up," is Miss Universe Singapore Mohana Prabha's message

“Never give up,” is Miss Universe Singapore Mohana Prabha’s message

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The pretty lass who was in the top five last year, was crowned winner last Thursday at the finals at Zouk

Making it to the top five in the Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2018, Miss Mohana Prabha  was not one to rest on her laurels. In fact she doubled up her efforts and joined this year’s beauty pageant and was crowned winner last Thursday at the finals held at Zouk.

Miss Mohana Prabha will compete with over 80 other beautiful contestants from around the world to vie for the Miss Universe 2019 title which is slated to be held early December in the US.

“I was pleasantly surprised and I definitely felt like my efforts paid off,” said the 24-year-old biomedical science student of PSB Academy as reported by The New Paper.

On what gave her the edge this time, Miss Mohana said it might be how she prepared for the Q&A segment.

She said: “I tried to make it a daily affair – to read the news by buying the newspaper every day, to take extra time to digest and understand the content.

“As I was reading and trying to form my own opinions on the news, I not only became more aware but also interested in wanting to know more at a personal level so as to engage in meaningful conversations with others.”

However, the ‘fateful’ question she got during the finals was not related to current affairs, but Miss Mohana nailed the question right on the head with her very candid and sincere response.

The question was about her biggest fear and she replied that it is to lose someone she treasures.

While she admitted that nobody important in her life has died yet, she urged everyone to “take a moment to spend time with your friends and loved ones because one never knows when is the last time they are going to meet”.

“Set aside time to meet them because memories are what last forever,” she added.

“Never give up”

Miss Mohana, who said she faced numerous academic and personal setbacks, hopes her MUS triumph will inspire other young women to never give up if they do not succeed the first time.

“I’m an example of failure, but I’m also a person who has flourished after facing so many failures,” she said.

“My advice is to try, try, try again – but only if you have the passion for it. Otherwise, try something else.” -/TISG

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