A Facebook user got creative with searching for the Good Samaritan who recently helped her to get to where she needed to go when she had neither her phone nor her wallet with her.

A “kind hearted” woman handed her $10 for her fare, and she wants to return the money but does not know how to reach out to her.

The netizen, who goes by Hana Cobain on Facebook, posted the following on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE group page on Friday (Dec 2).

“Not a complaint. 

Am looking for the kind hearted lady who lent me $10 this morning at Punggol mrt taxi stand to take the train as i didn’t have my phone and wallet. S

he was supposed to give me a missed call so i could pay her money back but the call didn’t go through and i want to return her money. 


One commenter suggested that Ms Hana show up at the same place and time she had seen the woman.

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“If she dare to borrow you $10, maybe you can try to be at the same place at the same time. Maybe you can see her,” the commenter wrote.

“You should ask for her contact number when she lend you the money,” another netizen chided.


However, if the kind woman can’t be found, a number of netizens said that Ms Hana should pay it forward, or show kindness to someone else in response to the generosity the woman showed her.

“No need to return. Just help the the next person whom approach u for help,” wrote one netizen.



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