Home News Netizen exposes boss who pretended to be co-worker to avoid paying salaries

Netizen exposes boss who pretended to be co-worker to avoid paying salaries

Claire Swf wrote on Facebook that her actual boss had been pretending to be her colleague all along and she only found out after she lodged a report with the Ministry of Manpower and the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management




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Singapore—One woman ended up unearthing a host of scams related to the same person who duped her initially. She took to social media to expose her experience of being cheated out of her salary.

A netizen who goes by Claire Swf told the story on her Facebook account of how she worked for a company called Elevate Sales from June to September of 2019. She received her salary for the first month, but when she was let go of, her second month’s salary was never given to her, no matter how many times she asked for it.

And then she found out that she, and presumably her other co-workers, had been lied to about who was really the boss of the company.


Posted by Claire Swf on Sunday, March 22, 2020

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When Claire started at Elevate Sales, which she says is no longer in business, the boss was said to be a man named Joshua Chua. One of her colleagues was a man named Tay Siang Hong, “another writer who was working alongside me.”

Claire found out in the course of her work for Elevate that some of her other co-workers had delayed salaries, or received their pay in installments.

As for her, after her first month, she wrote, “everything went to hell.”

When she was fired, the boss’ secretary and Tay Siang Hong were also supposedly let go of as well.

When Claire found out that neither she nor the secretary was receiving their final salary, she “went to MOM/TADM to complain and get back my money.” MOM is the Ministry of Manpower and TADM is the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management.

To her surprise, she discovered that Tay Siang Hong was the actual boss of Elevate Sales, and not Joshua Chua.

In a comment on her post she wrote, “All along the real boss was pretending to be my colleague while the fake boss was just… there acting like a big f***”.

Claire wrote, “That explained why Joshua always doesn’t give a fuck about all the staff incessantly messaging him about their delayed pay. Because he isn’t the one who would get into trouble for it, in reality, this fella masquerading as the head of the company was just a mere shareholder.”

She appealed to netizens to share her post to warn others “they always like to organise seminars to get leads from there and scam people.” Claire added that some of the company’s clients contacted her months after she had left “telling me they paid for services but never received.”

After Claire’s post, which has been shared almost 300 times, others victimized by the perpetrators have come forward.

Another netizen named Kelvin Seo wrote that Mr Chua had also cheated his company. In an exchange of messages in the comment section of Claire’s post, Mr Seo wrote that Mr Chua “Didn’t deliver what he promised,” and “gave alot (sic) of excuses.”

He added, “Really jialat one.”

Claire suggested that they team up and lodge a collective report. 

Another netizen shared a link to a February 3 post from a netizen named Jesmond Lee, also concerning Elevate Sales. Apparently he had also done business with Joshua Chua, and ended up losing money to him.

***[PLEASE HELP TO SHARE THIS POST]*** Happy New Year to all my FB friends! Wishing all a very happy, prosperous and…

Posted by Jesmond Lee on Sunday, February 2, 2020

He wrote, “Until today, I have yet to receive the remaining 50% payment from him! I guess I have been super patient with him, giving him so many chances and extensions and yet, he is being such an unreliable and irresponsible person who doesn’t even bother to reply to my messages. He has wasted so much of my time, having to chase him every now and then and also all the opportunity cost which I could have gained if I had engaged other agencies since Nov 2019! He has been avoiding my calls and texts now.”

After he uploaded his post, Mr Chua blocked Mr Lee and untagged himself from the post, Mr Lee wrote.—/TISG

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