SINGAPORE — After a local Reddit user wondered why women, as they grow older and “less attractive”, become more choosy about men, many commenters were quick to provide answers. “When my female friends were younger, their requirements were more straightforward. A nice guy they can vibe well with,” wrote u/JonahAndFish on r/SingaporeRaw on Thursday morning (Jan 5).

“But as the female friends aged, especially around 30s, their expectations became a lot higher. The guy must be rich, tall, handsome, nice, caring, smart, gentleman, treat them like princesses,” the post owner continued, adding that he doesn’t understand “why the requirements go higher while they became less attractive? Beauty is fading away as age, and character also became more difficult.”

One commenter called it “a cope” adding, “If they can’t land a guy in their prime, they’d likely not ever.”

Another argued that men are the same way.

But the post owner said that “My take is guys are more realistic with their expectations,” adding that “If they are a 5 and get rejected by a 8, they can accept it easily.”

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Another commenter wrote that “some guys have an expectation for their wives to be like maids for their mother-in-laws.”

But one Reddit user said that her women friends held out and ended up in better relationships.

“Not me, but I feel that most of my friends who ‘hold out’ found ‘better’ men. JC classmate ‘Chery’” rejected the class clown’s confession, ended up when she went to Brown for PhD, met a rich Hong Kong classmate and accepted him, and he buys her Tiffany & Co, Godiva etc. Another JC classmate ‘Victoria’ didn’t get together with a classmate despite the whole class shipping them. Years later she graduated as a PSC scholar, got together with her PRC classmate who worked on Wall Street who came to Singapore to be with her.

Haha but for me, I’m no success at work, so I have no expectations la. When my parents or friends tell me to date a divorcee/disabled person, I don’t even get angry, I’m like why not LOL.”

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Another wrote that they have “female friends in late 30s settling for quite cui looking guys that they wouldn’t have settled for when younger.”

One Reddit user chimed in with two reasons why they feel women get more choosy as they get older.


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