A netizen who felt that his brother was overstepping and repeatedly asking him for loans took to social media asking netizens what he should do.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote: “Sibling asking for loan and his lifestyle choices are more expensive than mine”. He said that his brother would occasionally ask him for loans, and the amounts would range from a few hundred to a few thousand. He added that while his brother would sometimes return the money to him, overall there would still be a debt incurred.

“Recently, the total loan added up to about 5k and he is not very consistent with repaying. Now, he is asking for 2k again. I’m getting of tired of chasing for the unreturned amounts. I feel like I’m begging for my money, so I stopped. I will probably have to write off”, the man wrote.


In his post, he added that he was disinclined to lend his brother money this time, and noted that he was angry because their mother “feels I should help him since it’s not a big amount (“It’s just 2k”)”. The brother wrote that he had already lent his sibling money, only to find that the latter makes rather expensive choices such as “Branded wallet, bag, watch, clothes, more frequent grab rides, holidays and cafes/restaurants than me”.

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“Am I suppose to support his lifestyle choices? I have my goals too. I’m saving up for my own wedding and renovation. However, when his wedding is near, I’m sure he will ask my mum for a loan”, the man wrote.

Netizens told the man to stop lending his brother money. Some even suggested he ask his mother to lend his brother instead.

Here’s what they commented: