A man took to social media ranting about how his father was difficult to please and complained every step of the way as his family tried to go on a trip together.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote that his family planned to go on a 9-day trip to Genting. He wrote that his mother would be heading there first, and two days later, he, his father and his sister would join her.

The man wrote that they needed to pack separately but his father refused to pack his own luggage. “Basically ‘Hiam’/question this that but does nothing” the writer wrote. When the man’s mother asked his father if the car boot had enough space for two large pieces of luggage, the father said that he did not know, so the children had to carry the bags down to see if everything fits.

When the man asked his father what type of clothes they should pack for him, the father replied “anything”. However, after inspecting the clothes his children had packed for him, he would complain and ask why they did not pack the shirts he liked.

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After complaining that the family topped up too much money into the Malaysian equivalent of a cashcard, the father also complained about the hotel his children had booked for the family to stay in. So they cancelled their booking and went with the one their father’s friend recommended.

Annoyed, the man was frustrated as to why his father complained so much about a trip he was asked to come on when all the expenses were paid for by his children. The man wrote that his father only had to fork out $100 or $200, which would be for his own expenditure.

Most netizens who commented on the post felt that the man should just leave his father behind and travel without him.