SINGAPORE: Commuters are worried that MRT stations may be infested with mice. There is a growing concern after a cat was spotted at an MRT station, days after a mouse was seen scurrying on board a train.

The video of the cat at Pasir Panjang MRT station was posted on TikTok by university student Jiannah Bianca on Sunday (30 Apr). The video shows the kitten slowly walking down the Pasir Panjang MRT station steps before stopping to look around.

Two station staff can then be seen picking the cat up before it can board a train. Jiannah Bianca told the Straits Times that the cat might be a “regular” at the station as the staff were calling out to it by its name.


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The TikTok video quickly went viral, receiving tens of thousands of likes and shares, with many netizens joking that the cat “Tom” was looking for the mouse “Jerry”, which had been seen in the train a few days ago.

Others, however, expressed concern over the possibility of the MRT stations being infested with mice. Some said if a cat could make its way into a station, so could mice.

SMRT has urged commuters to refrain from eating and drinking on trains and buses so as not to attract pests. It advised commuters to stay calm and report any sightings of rodents or other pests so that the problem could be tackled promptly and effectively.

Jerry, the mouse, takes MRT after work to go home?

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