SINGAPORE: A mother working in Singapore has turned to the community in a desperate plea for help as the medical bills for her premature twin babies have surged to over $150,000. Sharing her heart-wrenching story on the Give.Asia crowdfunding platform, the mother is seeking support from kindhearted Singaporeans to alleviate their financial burden and ensure the well-being of their twin babies.

Their twins, born at just 31 weeks, weighed only 790g and 1640g at birth. Their baby girl faced the harsh reality of a congenital heart defect that stunted her growth, while their baby boy had his own struggles but emerged victorious after a battle with Patent Ductus Arteriosus.

In a heartfelt appeal on the Give.Asia platform, the mother revealed that she and her husband, both proud Permanent Residents of Singapore, had dreamt of becoming parents. When they discovered they were expecting twins, their joy was tinged with worry as their financial plans were originally prepared for one child.

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The journey of pregnancy was filled with emotional turbulence, marked by fear and financial strain, as they prepared for the arrival of two children. The family’s world changed dramatically during a routine check-up in August when doctors informed them of complications, urging immediate action.

The twins’ mother said that the medical journey that followed has been both a blessing and a burden. The dedicated medical team at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital has been their guiding light, providing updates on the twins’ progress. Their baby girl continues to fight bravely, but her road to recovery is long.

As of now, their hospital bills have surpassed a staggering S$150,000, a financial burden that the family is struggling to bear.

The parents of the twins have received some government assistance in the form of partial Medisave deductions and government subsidies. However, the financial burden remains overwhelming, prompting them to turn to the community’s generosity for support.

The Give.Asia crowdfunding campaign, managed by the family, has seen an outpouring of support from more than 1,000 kind-hearted donors, who have contributed close to $60,000 thus far. These contributions will directly ease the family’s financial burden and ensure that their twins receive the care they urgently need.

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In their appeal, the family humbly requested continued support, love, and generosity. The mother expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you from the depths of our hearts for standing by us in this challenging time. Your kindness will forever be etched in our hearts, a testament to the goodness in the world.”

The crowdfunding campaign on Give.Asia remains open for donations, allowing individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these premature twins and their parents.

Visit this link to give your support and help towards the medical bills of baby Lei En and baby Wei Le. Donations will be channelled directly to the hospital to help cover the twins’ medical expenses.